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My FOX Atlanta – All News 106.7 talks legalization

Should you go to prison if you smoke pot in Georgia?  One group argues emphatically that you should not.  A campaign to decriminalize marijuana in Georgia was launched Monday at the State Capitol.

All News 106.7‘s Connie Cummings reports that the Georgia Campaign for Access, Reform and Education (CARE) held news conference to urge state lawmakers to include reforming Georgia’s marijuana laws as they reform the criminal justice system.  One member of that group, James Bell, says the state effort to stop filling prisons with non-violent offenders should include marijuana laws.


Patch.com reports on C.A.R.E. Campaign

Legalizing Marijuana: Should Georgia Do It?

The Georgia C.A.R.E. Project will hold a press conference Monday at the Georgia State Capitol to announce its agenda regarding cannabis, saying that now is the right time to focus on the state’s antiquated marijuana laws.