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Polls: Legal marijuana a popular issue

This 47% has to do with marijuana legalization; 83% back medical marijuana

Forty-seven percent support legalization of marijuana, and forty-seven percent oppose it, according to a CBS News poll.

Two-thirds of Republicans oppose legalization, while 51 percent of Democrats support it. Legalization support is actually highest among independents at 55 percent.

Fifty-nine percent of Americans think decisions on marijuana laws should be left to the states, with only 34 percent giving final call to the federal government.

Support for medical marijuana is far less controversial at 83 percent, with even 76 percent of Republicans backing its usage. But Americans have their doubts about the effectiveness of medical marijuana laws.


Marijuana Legalization Poll: Feds Leave States Alone

Fifty-one percent of Americans in the new HuffPost/YouGov poll said that in the two states that have legalized marijuana use for adults, the federal government should exempt any adults following state laws from federal drug law enforcement. Only 30 percent said the federal government should enforce its drug laws in those states in the same way it does in any other state.

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