Legal Referral: Need a lawyer?

We recommend David West & Associates.
David is a lifetime member of N.O.R.M.L.


The Denmead Building at Marietta Station
123 Church Street NE
Suite 220
Marietta, GA 30060

Since 1994, Mr. David S. West has represented criminal defendants throughout the courts of Georgia and the United States. Previously working alongside prominent criminal defense lawyer Bruce S. Harvey for 9 years, Mr. West sought to establish a criminal defense firm that puts the client and their families first while still bringing the highest level of experience to bear in their cases. Applying rigorous energy, experience, and resourcefulness to every case we accept, our staff is completely dedicated to your success.

Areas of Expertise:

Our lawyers have experience with every type of criminal case and have won cases ranging from speeding tickets to murder cases. We have a high rate of gaining dismissals of charges for our clients in cases where they should never have been charged. We have strong relationships with the prosecutors and judges and are respected state-wide for our knowledge of the law and our dedication to our clients.

We are also very proud of having won the majority of cases we have tried, for having won appeals in our higher courts and also for having gained full Pardons for those who otherwise might have had criminal convictions the rest of their lives. We will not give up until we have achieved our goals!

David West & Associates

Our Mission

Our lawyers help those who have been charged with crimes throughout the state of Georgia and the United States to achieve a successful defense or outcome in their case. We are committed to seeing the rights of our clients preserved and their freedoms and futures protected. We will fight hard for you or your loved one as if they were our own family!

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other law firms populated by lawyers who are former prosecutors who used to put people in jail for a living, or lawyers who practice in other fields like family law, or personal injury law, David West & Associates only employs lawyers who have always been criminal defense lawyers. We do not practice in other fields but are true experts in the field of criminal defense. The firm is led by David S. West, a career criminal defense lawyer who has gained national media exposure for his successful defense of numerous criminal defendants. He has appeared on television programs such as CNN, Fox, 48 Hours, as well as in print media such as the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Yet our services are still accessible to most persons who desire it:

Our Values:

We are a family firm and treat all of our clients and their families the way people used to be treated – with trust, compassion and honesty. We know how hard the court process will be on your family and we promise to keep you informed every step of the way. Give us a chance to show you what our experienced criminal defense attorneys can do for you or your loved one.


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