Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform

BarsThe Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform for Georgia was established by the Georgia Legislature (HB-265) in 2011 to find ways to reform the  justice system and reduce the number of non-violent offenders in prisons.

We support their historic efforts to reform the system. The issue of marijuana law reform has not yet been addressed. We hope the C.A.R.E. Project can help bring awareness to the issue.

Here are some link you should read:

The Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform Report

Pew Center on the States

Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC)


2 thoughts on “Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform

  1. Randall R. Paynter

    This would help my case a lot as I got hurt on the job and fail a drug test, I
    only had cannabis in my system, I am in a legal battle as I had not smoked on the job. I have been smoking and know many smokers since about 1969 and have always been a manager, supervisor or crew leader of some sort. I am 58 and am glad to see the laws change across the nation and have even considered moving to a state where it is legal but go Georgia I would rather stay here.


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